About us

A family that loves cycling.

That is what we are. Toni (the father) and Jaume (the son) are authentic devotees. We are lucky to have lived in the world of cycling since it has always been our hobby.

Since his son was a little boy, Toni shared his passion to him and now this bond is stronger than anything. He is a very kind man who knows some languages including German and English. You will enjoy his company!

After a severe injury, Jaume decided to focus all his efforts on his passion which was doing sport. After studying and mastering his knowledge about endurance sports in different colleges around the country, now he means to asses you the best way regarding training journeys, nutrition and breaks. You will be provided the best advises of the best one!

Nonetheless, our best fortune is having discovered the whole island during more than 30 years of experience of cycling. We know every single spot of Mallorca as good inhabitants we are, offering you the greatest chance to discover all of them.

Our philosophy is to let you feel like one of us, a Mallorcan cyclist. From this, it comes the idea to create something totally different and never seen before. We are not only giving you hosting but also, we are accompanying you in your journeys as well as recommending places to eat, to visit and so on.

Who we are

Toni MasOwner

It is a pride for me to create this joint project with my son, I have always been clear that cycling was going to be part not only of my life but of my family, Es Pla Cycling House is the proof of this.

Jaume MasOwner

Cycling has always been part of my life, my father from a very young age has instilled in me both his values and his sacrifices, Es Pla Cycling House is for me like a dream I fulfill.

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